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Questions tagged [mobile-url-scheme]

A URL scheme allows a user to launch the Salesforce1 app from a third­party or web application. An administrator or developer can customize a URL scheme to perform a specific action when the Salesforce1 app launches.

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Salesforce1 Navigate a user to "Create new record" page mobile with a url

I am creating a vue app that loads an iframe to show specialized information about an account. If the user wants to edit the account shown there is a hyper link and the href to the hyperlink looks ...
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How can I open Field Service Lightning from my own app?

I have one iOS app and I want to add a link to open Field Service Lightning app from there. Is there any URL Scheme like Saleforce1 has?
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Open Mapping app like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps (iOS only) From Salesforce1

I have requirement : Add a "Directions" button on the restaurant mobile page,"Directions" button should pass the restaurant's location to the device's selected mapping app. Once this button is tapped,...
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Salesforce1 App v 7.3.3 URL scheme links not working anymore

I have an iOS app that uses REST api to display a list of Opportunities on a table view, when the user taps on a cell the app calls the URL that launches the Salesforce1 app with the right syntax so ...
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Opening iOS app from Salesforce1 App (v7.3.1)

I'm trying to open custom url scheme iOS app from Salesforce1 app. Previously it was opening fine but since v7.3.1 release i cannot open external app anymore. Instead of opening app it opens ...
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2 answers

url scheme for Salesforce1 app to redirect user to a record within the app

An external process @mentions a user in a chatter post with a link to a sObject record. I am trying to determine how or what the url structure for the sObject record should be so that they are ...
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Passing parameters to url scheme salesforce1://

I am connecting to salesforce1 (mobile app) from another mobile native app using the salesforce1:// mobile scheme, as per the overview document. Instead of using standard objects and pages I am ...
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