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Questions tagged [mini-page-layout]

You can define mini page layouts for the records that appear in the mini view of the Agent console, hover details, and event overlays. A mini page layout contains a subset of the items in an existing page layout.

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How to Fetch Mini Layout Fields inside Salesforce Apex Class?

On Mini Layout we have Fields & RelatedList, I want to ask on how we can get/Query the Selected Fields for an Object on Mini Layout Page in the Apex Class? I am using the following code snippet, ...
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Can a mini Page Layout(displays when you hover on a lookup field) be disabled in Classic?

Is there a way to easily disable mini Page Layouts per Profile? I'm avoiding the pop up that would show Insufficient Privileges if the user has no view access and hovers on the Contact field(e.g.). ...
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How can I show the mini page layout on hover in Lightning?

I have a visualforce page where I'm trying to show the mini page layout when the user hovers over a link. I tried using the technique described here:
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apex:outputlink unable to show content of record on mouse hover in lightning

gone through this link for using apex:outputLink to show salesforce mini layout in classic view. trying to do similar thing in Lightning view but unable to find a way out. is there any way to show ...
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Display mini Page Layout with Lightning view

I am trying to display popOver with lightning view without developing any code as we do in classic. Is this possible? Have anyone tried this?
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Why Start field on Event minipagelayout can not be removed?

Error: Cannot remove field: Start Unable to remove Start (DateTime) field from the event mini page layout.
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Hover Details Expand to All or 10 Records

I'd like for an Account-based Related List Hover Detail to include more than 5 records for users. How can I accomplish this? For myself, I see the complete list, or at least 12, for the records I was ...
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How to trigger mini layout page in Salesforce Lightning?

At the moment in classic Salesforce, I'm able to trigger the mini layout page of a record by doing the following: //normal layout of record{record-id} //mini layout of ...
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Mini pageLayout popup not displaying for Extenal Object

Mini page layout is working fine in Salesforce Standard & Custom objects. But, I need to create Mini PageLayout for Exernal Object, which acts when hOver to the link of the record in child record ...
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How to get Mini Page Layouts which contains Related Lists?

I'm trying to add mini page layout to some results I query (Cases, Tasks, Notes ....) I want to have the same results as below when I hover a object on my vfp I tried to use LookupHoverDetail but it ...
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Mini Page Layout Hovers in Managed Package [closed]

Has anyone using the mini page layout popup technique listed here in a managed package had the package rejected in security review because of it? This is obviously an unsupported technique, but given ...
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