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Converting Rendered Email Templates to PDFs - issue(s)

I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me as I have been trying different "solutions" for days no avail. I am new to Apex and do have some Java in my backgorund...not much ...
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0 answers

Email service - Missing inline images from the inbound emails

I am using apex class and email service to create records on a custom object. The problem is when a client sends an email with inline images, it does not appear in the email body in Salesforce. ...
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1 answer

Getting Unncecessary whiteline space in the iCal attachment in Visualforce email template

I have a visualforce email template which has a Ical/Calender notification attachment ,which body is handled in a visualforce component. Afte downloading the iCal attachment and opening in a notepad i ...
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How to get the attachments in apex which we have set in visualforce email template using <messaging:attachment>

below is the code snippet of the visualoforce email template. <messaging:emailTemplate> <messaging:attachment renderAs="PDF" filename="yourCases.pdf"> <html> <body&...
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2 votes
0 answers

Yes/Maybe/No buttons not appearing for ICS calendar visualforce email attachment

Background I am using <messaging:attachment to generate a .ics calendar invite as an attachment as part of a visualforce email template. <messaging:attachment filename="invite.ics" renderAs="...
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