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How can I implement Enhanced Messaging in an LWC component?

I've read this documentation, but the example right there is for an aura component. Where can I find more info about it? Does anyone know how to implement these events? Where can I put those tags?
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Messaging Sessions chats being ended by agent suddenly in salesforce, but the agent is doing nothing. What it can be?

In my org, the einstein bot transfer the customer to an agent, and then they talk, so the specialist can solve the customer issues. But, sometimes, the chat is being ended suddenly, and, the messaging ...
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Embedded Chat [Legacy] migration to Messaging In App Web

Does any one perform full migration to MIAW from Legacy embedded chat ? If so, how do we manage 4 LWC components [Pre-Chat, Chat Header, Chat Message and Minimised]? Given MIAW only had one component ...
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Apex Email Service incoming emails - how to properly trim down body size?

I built an apex email service setup to receive email communications on our Lead and Opportunities, and very quickly I started receiving a lot of "Undeliverable" errors due to the email body ...
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Moving the messaging channel from one org to another using changset

I just want to asked if its possible to include messaging channel to outbound changset?
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Async/Await or Request/Response LWC Messaging

I have several LWC components that share data with each other. I am sending messages across just fine between the sibling components and sharing data based on events and user actions. However, I have ...
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