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Wants to add @mention of the owner name of the case of chatter feed when a new case is created

I have created a trigger and it works without @mention. But I need the owner name of the case on the body of the chatter post. trigger CasePostFeed on Case (after insert) { system.debug('POST ...
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Has anyone implemented custom mentions in LWC?

I need to implement a custom mentions in LWC component where external non-salesforce users can be mentioned, the mention text should be displayed as @{UserFirstName}{UserLastName} but the actual text ...
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getting issue in setting caret in div with contenteditable true

I'm trying to set caret to a child span of a div with contenteditable="true", Below is the code: placeCaretAt : function(id){ setTimeout(function(){ var test = document.getElementById(id)...
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Apex - Accurately Identify users tagged in Chatter comments and set them as followers automatically [duplicate]

I already know how to set someone to auto-follow a record based on specific criteria (record created, modified, etc) by inserting records into the EntitySubscription object. What I am trying to ...
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How to create a FeedItem that has mentions in it with SOAP API?

I am trying to insert feeditems with mentions on a case using SOAP API. Example - "This case was updated by @John Doe" where John Doe is a user in Salesforce. How do I make this happen? I have ...
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Can I disable the Chatter mention?

I would ask if I can disable the Chatter mention in a standard way or I must use a custom solution as a Trigger.
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@internal user not working for Customer Community User

When a community user tries to do @mention internal user on record feed then internal user does not shows up where as when a internal user can @mention Community user then it works. Also tried by ...
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FeedItem Trigger - Parse Mentions?

There are many questions out the about how to add @mentions to a chatter post, but this question is the other way around: How do I read @mentions from a FeedItem in the trigger context? I need to ...
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