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Is there any way to trigger third party API in middle journey , to send mass email from third party app ,if we are not using Sales cloud data

Is there any way to trigger third party API in middle journey , to send mass email from third party app.
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What's the best way to mass email cases in Service Cloud?

Our customer services team has a requirement to bulk reply to cases using email templates, so they can respond to hundreds of cases at the same time. I saw that Mass Email Cases was an option in ...
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Receiving_User is not working for Mass emails while using leads

I am sending mass emails to leads using Receiving_User.Name related to record is "Campaign". But name is not showing. I am new to sales force. I am using following line in "Text email template" not "...
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Set "from Email address" in MassEmailMessage

I am trying to send a mass email to list of contacts from the apex. SingleEmailMessage has the option to set OrgWideEmailAddress but I don't see an option in MassEmailMessage. Below is the code to ...
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Capture mass email responses in lead

I have many leads and i want to send them introduction email about our company services. I will use Mass email function of Salesforce. My question is if any lead response on the email, can we capture ...
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Unknown exception Mass email constructor

I am trying to send an email with apex controller and VF interface. But when I send the message, I have an error : System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: ...
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Single email is not enabled for your organization or profile.: []

caused by: System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION, Single email is not enabled for your organization or profile.: [] Error is ...
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Mass Email in salesforce

I have created the account Record in salesforce,for every Record creation the email should send to a particular user email id,Suppose if the Record is created with morethan 10 users also, the email ...
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Daily email limit - via workflow, Mass Email, Single Email

I am confused by what I read in document and what I saw in workbench. General Email Limit for email alert send through process builder/wprkflow: In workbench I see the limits as below: I am using a ...
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Options to send mass email to external email ids

I am exploring the options to mass email to people outside of the org. I have a custom object - Employees which has custom field - Email address. I would like to send email(email alert) to the email ...
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Limit Exceeded: Too many target object ids

What does the error "Limit_Exceeded: Too many target object ids" mean. I couldn't find any documentation related to this. We are getting this error when we do mass emails from Apex in Salesforce.
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Remove "Mass Email" from Standard profile?

"Mass Email"is a system property in standard profiles. Is there any way to prevent selected standard profiles to send mass mails? Permission set can allow for selected users to send mass mails. I'm ...
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How do you send Mass Emails to a list larger than 500?

We currently do not have a third party vendor Mass Email plug-in, so we are working towards using the out of the box functionality for Mass Emailing from Salesforce; we have the Enterprise edition, so ...
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How to set "from address" into MassEmailMessage?

I stuck into a problem that I have to set "from address" in MassEmailMessage. Please suggest me how to achieve this?
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Email received from Salesforce has weird 'Via' string

When I send an Email from SF to someone as myself(John Doe([email protected]), user receiving the email has some weird 'Via' string displayed along with my name when viewd in Gmail. Eg. John Doe via ...
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Setting setToAddresses() for Messaging.MassEmailMessage

Can I use setToAddresses() with Messaging.MassEmailMessage? I was going through the documentation for the MassEmailMessage class and in the setTargetObjectIds part it states All emails must have ...
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Mass email the Visualforce email template

We have a limitation using Visualforce email template. VF Email Template can't be used for mass email. I am look for the ways how this can be achieved. I have created a visalforce email ...
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mass email for multiple eligible users are not triggered

I have written batch class for deactivating users.I am sending mail to users who is going to be deactivated(alert) or who will be deactivated immediately.I am also writing mass email for deactivation ...
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Can using mass email cause emails to goto spam? (not using email relay)

Can using the mass email feature (limited to 250 emails per send) cause emails to goto spam? In our org we generally use email both internally as well as to communicate with our active consumer ...
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Using MST Mass Email appexchange package with custom object

Im trying to us the great MST Mass email package, but having trouble getting it to work as i would expect. I have a ...
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Contact List View - Get Related

I have a custom field (lookup) on Account that links Accounts to Contacts. It's called 'Clerk__c' indicating that the contact is a clerk for the account. I want to "mass mail" all clerks, so I would ...
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Send Mass Email Visual Force Page

I figured out the code, but I get two errors. I googled one and apperently I need permission from Salesforce, but the second one I dont get it. I am still learning about this stuff . I also wanna know ...
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What is the limitation of Mass Emails for Developer edition

Hui Guys, could u help me to know limitations of Mass email for developer edition
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