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How to show LWC multi-line toasts?

Does anyone know how to implement multi-line with LWC ShowToastEvent? I can only see workarounds using Aura but not LWC.
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1 answer

Label in LWC Accordion

I'm attempting to customize a label in lightning-accordion. Next to the label I'm trying to place a count that populates from wrapper. <lightning-accordionSection key={} name={account....
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1 answer

Inconsistencies between shadow DOM and synthetic DOM on LWC OSS

We've been working on porting our LWC components from platform into LWC OSS. In order to do this, we have a copy of SLDS classes we have created and we need them to be applied globally. For us it will ...
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Lightning Web Component Playground Inject LDS/Shared Style sheets in

So standard LWC disallows importing global styles and the shadow-dom encapsulation prevents CSS from "leaking" from the global/parent scope- There are some ways to get around this with Web Components:...
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