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How to get a property from file.js-meta.xml (which is in LWC) in the Apex using page layout

I need to pass a property that I will write (I think it can be called custom) from js-meta.xml a file in the Apex handler class. The question is how to read/receive it in the Apex using page layout (...
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Id not passing to LWC in Exp. Cloud

I'm attempting to make an LWC that lets an Experience Cloud user edit their own contact information, in theory on the same page as other, similar LWCs that let the user manage related records all in ...
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component.css-meta.xml File in LWC getting created when retrieved through VS Code

Due to some recent updates to Salesforce DX or VS Code, I am getting an extra meta.xml file for each Lightning web component which I am trying to retrieve from the source. For example, if my component ...
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Cannot Deploy Lighting Web Component with Opportunity Contact Roles

I'm trying to deploy a simple component for OpportunityContactRoles but I am not able to deploy the Meta data necessary to expose the component to the Opportunity Record Page. I've tried just exposing ...
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How to get CDATA text whether in APEX or Javascript from the below RSS feed example I only end up with null values

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:atom="" xmlns:abacus="" xmlns:media="
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List declaration for sObject on target config property Lwc [duplicate]

So I have this component where I want to create a @api accesible variable containing Cases instead of Strings I was using, to be accessed from a visual Flow. The whole thing was running smooth with ...
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