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How to keep Account Team when Account Owner is updated(mass update) via Data Loader?

How to keep Account Team when Account Owner is updated(mass update) via Data Loader? I am trying to do mass update on Account owner via data loader, but want to keep account team members as is. Is ...
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DataLoader batch job failing with PricebookEntry upsert

I have an issue with our PRICE BOOK ENTRY Upsert using the DataLoader batch bulk job. We have External IDs in our PRICE BOOK and PRODUCT objects that we use when Upserting to our PRICE BOOK ENTRY ...
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How to export content note for other users via data loader

When I export Content Notes via Data Loader I only get the records I own. How can I export ContentNotes for other users? Here is the query: Select Content, ContentSize, CreatedById, CreatedDate, ...
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Data Loader keeps AUTOMATICALLY updating Opportunity name, even though I didn't want to

I'm using data loader to update a few hundred records (opportunities), I'm moving what account the opportunities are related to. In doing so, the opp names are being automatically updated/mirrored to ...
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Insert Opportunity, Quote, QuotelineItem, Asset in single upload using data loader

I have exported csv file of Opportunity, Quote, QuoteLineItem, Asset(Quote Line) from external system and want to insert one by one in salesforce. but the thing is these four are related with ...
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