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Questions related to the apex:page attribute for styling existing visualforce pages with Lightning Experience Stylesheets

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Public Site URL visualforce page is coming up in classic instead of lightning for Guest User

I have created a public URL using sites. The site page has a custom visualforce page as the Active Site Home Page. My issue is that when I open the public URL, the Visualforce page is coming up in ...
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Visualforce page in Partner Communities shown in Classic UI

I have implemented some VF Pages that use lightningStylesheets="true". As internal user, the page is displayed properly, however when i log in as a Partner user, the pages are shown with the ...
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Issue with PageBlockSection alignment in lightning experince

I have Vf page which is supposed to be used in lightning experience. I changed the styling using standard attribute lightningStylesheets="true". But when using PageBlockSection with one ...
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Rendering header menu for vf page in lightning experience

I have a vf page which needs to be visible in both classic and lightning experience. I added lightningStyleSheets="true" to enable lightning kind of styling in lightning experience for the ...
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How to use lightningStyleSheets in a salesforce community or site

I applied lightningStyleSheets="True" to my VF page and it does not show the lightning style when the component is added to a community. How can I achieve a lightning look in the VF page ...
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How can i create custom colored breadcrumb in LWC? [closed]

I want colored breadcrumb something like this. Please help me with designing the shape of each column (arrows shaped).
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Importing a common CSS in LWC

How can I use a common CSS file across every LWC component? /* common style */ h1{ font-size: 2rem; color:rgb(102, 94, 94); } For Example I want to use this CSS file in every component. Can ...
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How do I align my lightning styled options in a Visualforce page?

I have a Visualforce page with a selectlist, an inputfield and some buttons. The Selectlist label is above the selection, which makes the alignment funny for the other fields. Any idea how I can fix ...
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Increase Spacing Between Lightning-Icon and title

Trying to get the spacing between this icon and text. Any advice? <h3 slot ="title" class="slds-card__header-title slds-media__body"> <lightning-icon icon-name="standard:...
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How can I link to an external font stylesheet in Communities?

I've tried to add <link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> to my ThemeLayout.cmp and listed the font name in my css sheet under the faont-family, but it doesn't seem ...
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width adjustment of <apex: inpurfield> when using LightningStylesheets

When I set LightningStylesheets ="true" in Visualforce, the width of widened. How can I adjust the width? Also, it will be helpful if you can tell me how to change the color of the background. <...
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Why adding "position:fixed" and "width:100%" styles to lightning:card element fixes right margin?

Let's consider a simple component: <aura:component implements="force:appHostable"> <lightning:card class="test" iconName="custom:custom62" title="Test Card"> <aura:set ...
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LightningStyleSheets Attribute

In my VF page I am using lightningStyleSheets=true attribute to make it look like lightning experience. There also is a layover in the same page, which shows up on a button click and looks like a pop-...
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Pseudo elements styling in lightning component

I have a html table defined in my lightning component. I want to change the CSS for the pseudo elements --> ::Before and ::after. Similar to this screenshot, I would like to add the below line ...
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Use LightningStylesheets=true on Lightning Community

We are developing a new Lightning Community to replace our Partner Community. However, when we use our visualforce pages with LightningStylesheets=true on the Lightning Community, the Lightning ...
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