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For questions regarding the lightning:progressIndicator component. This component is available in version 41.0 and later.

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Aura lightning:progressIndicator always setting step focus to first step

I'm building out a lightning component that leverages lightning:progressIndicator and lightning:progressStep, using the onstepfocus event to call a function in my javascript controller to trigger ...
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Custom color of Lightning progress indicator not working

HTML <template> <lightning-card title="test color"> <lightning-progress-indicator type="path" current-step="2" variant="shaded" class=...
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Progress indicator is not rendering in LWC

I have the following lwc: <template if:true={dependentPickListOptions}> <div class="slds-p-around_medium"> <lightning-progress-indicator ...
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How to show steps name always in lightning progress indicator?

When we are using progress indicator only on hover over we can see the step name,but how we need to show the step names always? Any Ideas!! I am using lightning base component "lightning-...
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How to add a letter next to an Image in a formula field for Color Blind users?

On a related list, the risk is shown as a red, orange or green flag. We can have multiples records. This is an issue for users that are color blind as they cannot see the difference between the lines. ...
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How to display Batch Record Process Count on Progress Bar Indicator in LWC?

I am currently working on functionality where I am assigning Bulk Records Ownership to new user. For this, I have designed LWC and which calls helper class. and the helper class call a batch class to ...
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Apply css to lightning:progressIndicator of type path in aura

We have requirement where we need to keep a particular path in green(complete) status if a particular user is using irrespective where user is reached. I tried applying slds-is-complete to that ...
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Select inner element of lightning-progress-step in lwc

When I try to access the 'lightning-progress-step' with querySelectorAll it return proxy object which contains all steps, but when it want access 'a' tag inside each 'lightning-progress-step' it ...
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Question related to displaying progress indicator dynamically

I am working on a progress indicator aura component which accepts 2 parameters called total steps and completed steps. Based on that I am trying to display dotted progress indicator as below: If ...
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lightning-progress-indicator doesnt change the current step color on click of the Step

I have used lightning-progress-indicator of path type. Where I am dynamically assigning steps. When i hover or Focus the Step it changes the step color to selected stage color but as soon as I remove ...
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Problem with a standard Lightning Component tag in my sandbox probably after the Winter'20 Update. Where should I request to fix this issue?

Using the following code I am getting two pop-ups if I hover a stage. I also tried these exact codes on other editions(including developer edition). Its working perfectly alright. I even found the bug ...
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