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Understanding different events fired by LWC Components

When to use, or and what else. More Info While building my LWC I ended up using all the three above event variables because in certain ...
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Implement standard Contact lookup as available on Task in a custom compone

There is a requirement where I need to implement same functionality as standard Contact lookup on Task [Screenshots Attached][![enter image description here] 2][![enter image description here] 3]3. ...
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Why do SLDS pills always have a remove button?

In both the SLDS documentation and the lightning-pill and lightning-pill-container documentation, all pills have the "X" displayed that allows the pill to be removed: For the components, it ...
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Unable to add records as multiple pills in visual force page

Currently, I'm working on a requirement which is to display selected records from one table named table to another table named table2 as pills. I have written the code which is working fine without ...
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Add click event to a pill inside a pill-container

How do I add a click event to a pill within a pill-container? I tried to add the click event to the items array but it didn't trigger an event, I really don't know how else I can get to the pill. ...
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