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Questions tagged [lightning-namespace]

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1 vote
2 answers

Namespace issue in LWC component in Scratch Org

I have created a namespaced scratch org from a DevHub org. I can see the namespace prefix for fields, objects and apex in the scratch org. We have few LWC component as well in the package where I need ...
13 votes
1 answer

Lightning picklist for an SObject-Field - which one to choose ui:inputSelect or lightning:select or force:inputField or lightning:input?

I need to decide which path to proceed: <ui:inputSelect /> <lightning:select /> <force:inputField /> <lightning:input /> (Beta) write my own component... Use case: ...
1 vote
1 answer

Can we add/create a duplicate field with and without namespace prefix in a same object

I have seen this type of scenario in one of the org, where the same field is present with and without namespace-prefix I want to know if is it possible, if possible can you please mention how to ...
1 vote
1 answer

Lightning application form, unable to submit because of SecureAction

I created a Lightning application with a form. When I hit submit in my form, nothing happens. I look in the browser console and see that I'm getting the following message: SecureAction: [object ...
3 votes
2 answers

How to use <lightning:select> on Community? PURE Markup, no APEX, no JS

On a standard page in a Napili-based Community a want to render a <lightning:select>. As a starter, I just want to have one simple empty option. The html-way it works just fine: <select ...
2 votes
1 answer

LWC Access denied error referencing namespace problem

We have a JavaScript utility class containing two properties, like: class DateRange { start; end; constructor(start, end) { this.start = dateToIsoDateLocal(start instanceof Date ?...
4 votes
3 answers

What namespace to use when developing Lightning components for a managed package?

I have a managed package that is created from our "release org" to which the namespace has been assigned. I have developed some Lightning components for use via Lightning Out in a Visualforce page. ...