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Questions tagged [lightning-locker]

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Check if any input on the page is focused lwc

I want to execute some logic in specific moment(from my LWC) if no Inputs has the focus on my Page. So I want to know if there is the focus on some input on the page ? (Logic is executed from an Event ...
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1 answer

Is there a way to change the tel: and mailTo: links at the Contacts page using aura lightning component

I am trying to change the tel: and mailTo: links from the Salesforce contact page to some other behavior with onClick using aura lightning component. The expected behavior might be click on the phone ...
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0 answers

Any way to embed Google Charts in LWC or any charts to present percentage in addition to absolute value?

I would like to present a chart in my LWC with both absolute value and percentage. This can be easily achieved if data is exported to Google Docs and then Google Chart is created from the data. There ...
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