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Unable to use format style 'percent-fixed' on Lightning Datatable

On Lightning Datatable I'm trying to use a column of Type percent or number with the typeAttribute formatStyle:'percent-fixed' to prevent the value from being multiplied by 100. As per the datatable ...
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2 answers

lightning-formatted-number shows "US$" instead of "$" as currency code

I use lightning-formatted-number to show Item Amount on my LWC. And I have a multicurrency enabled in my org. So I pass the currencyCode dynamically to lightning-formatted-number see: <lightning-...
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4 votes
0 answers

LWC lightning-input Currency

In Lightning Web Components (LWC) the 'lightning-input' component supports a 'formatter' attribute which has value 'currency' and this displays decimal values with currency formatting, for example: 1....
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Lightning formatted number not working for LWR site

I have lwc component and I'm using lightning-formatted-number with currency type as Euro. In SF documentation - "The locale set in your Salesforce user settings determines where to display spaces,...
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