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Unable to sync google calendar after enabling the gmail integration in salesforce

I have enabled the Gmail Integration and sync in my salesforce and added the gmail salesforce chrome extension. But I'm unable to sync my google calendar with salesforce calendar. Can you anyone ...
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File Preview in LWC is not working in Gmail (through Email Application Pane)

I have implemented a file preview feature in the lightning web component (LWC) by calling the following code which is not working when I access the component in Gmail (through Email Application Pane). ...
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Chinese Characters Included in Subject When GMail Sends Mail Can't Be Displayed Correctly

I send a mail in javascript via GMail API. If mail subject has Chinese Characters,it cant't display correctly in GMail Inbox. And message has Chinese Characters no problem. var email = ''; email = '...
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Can a Custom Component Populate Gmail Subject and Body Fields Using the Lightning for Gmail Application

All that the documentation says is the following: The subject indicates the subject on the current email. <aura:attribute name="subject" type="String" /> The messageBody indicates the email ...
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Auto log activities to CLOSED opportunities?

Our current way of doing things in SFDC, has customer success working off of the opportunity as opposed to the account object. The opp has information they need, along with the fact its related to ...
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Lightning for Gmail Drag and Drop

I am working on a lightning component that displays a list of records and allows users to reorder records as displayed on the component. I use the library Sortable to handle my drag and drop ...
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Save sent email from Salesforce into user's 'Sent Items' mailbox in Gmail

I have come across a requirement where I would be sending emails to specific recipients ( who are non- salesforce users ) .Once the sender sends email ( which is done through a lightning component and ...
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Global actions not visible on page layout

I am configuring Lightning for Gmail in sandbox. I have created Email application publisher layout and have added the actions as show below But in the Gmail I only see "New Contract" button. Where ...
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