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lightning:buttonIcon on mobile is not working sometimes

Currently working on an aura cmp that will also be present on mobile. However, sometimes the button to refresh cmp to a certain state is not working on mobile. After a few tries it starts working but ...
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How to vertically center LWC lightning-button icons to the button text

LWC lightning-button icons are too low relative to button label. For example... <lightning-button-group class="slds-m-top_x-small slds-m-bottom_x-small slds-align_right"> <...
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How to color the utility icons in lightning datatable in LWC?

I have the below data table where I have two icons. I want to change the color to blue instead of grey. The variant property is not helpful. How do I do that? HTML: <div class="myTable"&...
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Any way to make button-icon icons in a lightning-data table smaller?

I've tried e.g.: { type: 'button-icon', typeAttributes: { iconName: 'utility:jump_to_bottom', variant: 'brand', ...
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How to make columns lwc lightning-datatable dynamic with button-icon

I have a lwc component with a lightning-datatable with the first column as a button-icon. This works when the columns are defined as a constant. Constant working const columns = [ { label: ...
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how to solve the warning "Clickable images, Lightning button icons, and form elements require labels for mobile users." in LWC html file?

When I write the code below in the LWC html file, the waring Clickable images, Lightning button icons, and form elements require labels for mobile users. is shown. Anyone knows how to solve it? My ...
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How to select a element using querySelector that has dynamic name?

I have a lightning-button-icon with dynamic name and i want to update its selected attribute based on the name. Can someone tell me how can i do that? my code (UPDATED): <lightning-layout-item size=...
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Lightning button icon without border

Is it possible to remove the border on a lightning button icon when it clicked? <lightning:buttonIcon iconName="utility:dislike" variant="bare" onclick="{!c.downVote}" size="medium"" <...
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Display values on click on lightning button icon

I am using a lightning button icon in an html table in Salesforce Lightning Component just like the example given in the documentation.
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lightning buttonIcon are not displaying

I wanted to save some space and trade out the standard buttons with labels for x-small button icons. I originally had the buttons in a grid col, and when I changed to just lightning:buttonIcon they ...
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Dynamic Button Icons in a Data Table Similar to Dynamic Actions in a Data Table

It's possible to have actions for each row in a data table that change depending on the contents of the rows (that are changed by those very actions). For example: The component reference provides ...
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lightning:button inline edit, only show icon

I have a lightning component in which I have built a data table. In this data table I have a component for each row. Everything works fine except one cosmetic thing. The inline edit button shows an ...
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lightning:buttonIcon not showing the icon (iconName) in Winter 18

The code snippet below is directly out of the Dreamhouse app's MapCard component. It's supposed to show the close icon (X) at the top right conner of the dialog box. It works like a charm when it is ...
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lightning:buttonIcon causes "Invalid page"

I would like to use <lightning:buttonIcon /> to my component, like so: <component> <lightning:buttonIcon iconName="utility:delete" /> </component> But whenever I add ...
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Button Group with more icons LDS

I'm trying to add Button Group with more icons in to my LDS VF page. Here's what I'm trying. (directly copied from the documentation) <div class="slds-button-group" role="group"> <button ...
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Assistive text for lightning button

I have a lightning button as: <lightning:buttonIcon iconName="utility:clear" size="large" variant="bare" alternativeText="Remove" onclick="{! c.removeEntry }"/> On mouse hover , I want it to ...
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