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Lightning Bolt solution comprises an exported community template that’s made up of a theme layout and CSS, along with pages, content layouts, and Lightning components. This tag is for issues related to exporting and distributing a customized template or page as a Lightning Bolt solution.

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Exported Community Template is missing all Compact Header components

I'm trying to export a Lightning Community Template. My export is successful, and I'm able to generate a new community using my exported Template. But the new community generated from the template is ...
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How to add members to workspace(Library) in Salesforce?

I'm trying to add users into the workspace as a contentworkspacemember through apex. Suppose a current user is trying to create a content, 1.I need to check weather the current user has the ...
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customizing header in Communities (Winter 18)

Prior to winter 18, we were able to customize the display of the pageHeader image by referencing the class .no-assigned-image in our markup. We used this to create a custom theme and provide our ...
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Error While installing Beta-managed Bolt Solution Package

I am facing this error while trying to install beta-managed package to my Dev Org (Platform version - Summer'17). I googled before posting the question, and found this link: Question link. However, as ...
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Creating custom Community Template

Is it necessary to use the templates (Kokua, KOA, Napili) provided by salesforce for building community or we can create our own community templates? If yes, how is it possible. i am unable to find ...
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Properties Menu for Custom Lightning Components [duplicate]

In salesforce community builder how can I get the properties and attributes menu for custom lightning components as we have for standard lightning components as shown in the picture that I have for ...
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Deploy/retrieve lightning community page variations with metadata API?

I could not find an answer to this question in the documentation or by looking here. I have built a page variation in my lightning community, and then exported it. I am fine including that in a ...
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CSS branding on Lightning Bolt Solution

When we export a lightning community design (based on Napili) as Lightning Bolt Solution, CSS brandings are not included in the solution. Is this a bug? If not, can you point me to documentation ...
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defaultThemeDefinition - no CommunityThemeDefinition observed when attempting to deploy/validate change set

Using the new Lightning Bolt Solution feature and trying to validate in a change set in Production, getting the following error from the change set when validating: in field: defaultThemeDefinition - ...