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Aura Action Override - Close Temporary Nav Item when pressing Close

Having an interesting issue that I can't find any documentation on. I have an Aura component overriding the New action of a custom object. Inside the Aura Component is a child LWC, example: <aura:...
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Override the NewCase Action with a Lightning Component that launches a Flow in a pop-up

Overview We've built a custom screen flow to guide Users through creating a new Case record. We would like this flow to override the standard "NewCase" action, so that when a User clicks it, ...
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standard action 'New' and 'Edit' override with single aura component

I am trying to override two standard actions New and Edit for my custom object through a single Aura component. I am not sure how to find inside my aura which button is clicked.
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Retrieve FlexiPage layout for default Opportunity record type for current user

Question For the current user, how do you programmatically retrieve the FlexiPage layout (i.e. fields) for the default Opportunity record type? What I've Tried Since, the FlexiPage layout potentially ...
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Conditional Action Overrides in Lightning Experience

Requirement: When an opportunity's stage is one of several values, allow Opportunity Products to be edited as normal. Otherwise, disallow the edit and display a message with some key fields from the ...
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Error during validation of change sets: "Required field is missing: pageOrSobjectType"

I'm having trouble with the deployment of a lightning app through change sets. This is the error I am getting: Required field is missing: pageOrSobjectType So I went through the source code of the ...
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How to I read url parameters in action override aura component?

I have overridden New action on my custom object with Aura component that launches flow. Standard new action was used with url parameter and input field was filled with default value by framework. Url ...
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Using lightning:actionOverride and getting URL parameters of the clicked button (defaultFieldValues)

I have a New button override set to send all New requests to a custom Lightning Component. This works fine. However, I have several buttons with defaultFieldValues set to prepopulate fields. Since the ...
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Buttons, Links, and Actions not being applied to Community (since Digital Experience rename - 1/13/2021)

We have an override of our 'Edit' Action on the Case object. In the past, when using the 'Edit' Action, regardless of whether you were logged into the community or not, it would apply our override ...
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Save Account action in Lightning Community

I am working on creating a Lightning Community. There's this My Account page where a logged in community user can view & update the Account Record information attached with their User Profile such ...
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Is there a way to use a "Create New" lightning component to pre-populate a lookup once the record is created?

Here's my use case: I am creating a Quote. We have a custom field on the Quote called Listing. Sometimes, the listing doesn't exist and so we want them to be able to create the listing directly from ...
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Overridden tabs are not refreshing

I have 3 custom objects (say A, B, C), and the custom object tabs are overridden by the same lightning component, the lightning component sees which is the object (by force:hasSobjectName), and ...
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Migrate Aura components with lightning:actionOverride to LWC

In the LWC documentation I couldn't find anything on how to migrate Aura components using the lightning:actionOverride interface. It is needed to override standard buttons on standard record pages.
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Lightning Experience - Edit override with nooverride option

We need a conditional override in Lightning Experience which may return a custom component/VF page or will return the standard edit behaviour. We've been investigating various options for returning ...
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Lightning Component as actionOverride for Standrad NEW Button, do not prepopulate parent record data [duplicate]

I'm trying to use <lightning:recordEditForm> in a Lightning Component as an Action Override using lightning:actionOverride interface. I've overridden the Contact New button with this Lightning ...
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