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Autopopulation of Related fields

I have a requirement where I need to autopopulate a few fields when a user clicks the button and creates a record from a lightning page. The button will be on service contract and when a user clicks ...
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How to force calculation of Roll-Up Summary on "clone with Related"/"deepClone" action

We have a Roll-Up Summary field. It's a SUM aggregation of a field on custom childs of Opportunity. The field is set to "Automatic calculation (Recommended)". It usually works fine. For ...
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Salesforce Maps: How to pass recordId to a custom Salesforce Maps Lightning component action

I've created one custom action into Salesforce Maps package here: As you see, this action leads to a Lightning component. The question is, how to get the recordId of the item clicked on Maps? I've ...
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Can you have a Change Status button on the Cases List View in Lightning?

In Salesforce Classic, my users had the "Change Status" button on their list views, which would change the Status of multiple cases regardless of record type: Now it seems that in Lightning,...
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Visualforce Page Not Appearing as Lightning Action Button

I created a Visualforce page with the intent of opening it with an Action button in Salesforce Lightning. Unfortunately, when I select "Custom Visualforce", the visualforce page I created does not ...
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Error from action button which invokes flow

I have lightning Action button which invokes a flow whenever I click on the action i am getting error Unfortunately, there was a problem. Please try again. If the problem continues, get in touch with ...
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The Convert button is not available in "Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Actions"

The Convert button is not available in "Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Actions" in order for me to make the button visible in Lightning for myself (system admin) or my users. How can I make that ...
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Lightning action call inside setTimeout returns result only when window (tab) loses focus

I have a Lightning action call inside a recursive setTimeout call. I call the action immediately and then every 3 seconds until the result it not null. I see my console.log('tick'); immediately. But ...
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Overriding Related list standard button with Lightning Component & prepopulate parent record field in form

Is there any way to override 'New' standard button with lightning component and refer the parent record as prepopulated value in record creation screen? I saw in some posts to achieve this using ...
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How to modify @media css property in lightning styles

I have a lightning action and a component associated with it. When i click on the action, the modal pops up with a Normal size. I want to customize the width of the Modal. I searched some css stuff ...
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Updating a field on record detail page with Lightning button [duplicate]

I am stuck with issue in Lightning. I want to do a field update on record page on click of a button, and will be showing a message to user on successfully updation of that field. Lets say, I am ...
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