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Error while deleting record on update using trigger

when i am updating a checkbox using record page a trigger is running on update which is deleting the recently updated records. The trigger is running fine but after deleting a record its showing me ...
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why does the toggle load in checked state, even though I have set checked="{!v.item.Packed__c}". Packed__c is a checkbox woth default value false

Please find the code below: App-- <aura:application extends="force:slds" > <aura:attribute name = "item" type = "Camping_Item__c" default ="{**'...
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Update multiple record edit form records on single button click

I have a requirement where we need to submit multiple record edit form data on single custom button click. Below is my approach for the requirement. I need to save the record edit form data on click ...
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Pre population fields - Custom component

I need to create a custom lightning component(exact same as layout - Object Name - Rider) and add it on object actions(Object name - Order) . On click of button, the lightning component should pop up. ...
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