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Remove Automatically the Lead record after is converted in a Contact

How to avoid isconverted, I need to remove isconverted automatically after the lead has been converted to a Contact. How can I do that? Thanks Jose
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Lead conversion - map a non-global picklist value to global picklist value

I'm hitting a problem with Lead conversion where I want to map a field with picklist values to a field with a global picklist of values. The values are valid (Yes or No) in that they are the same as ...
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Mapping Problem

Hello I am supporting Data Loader user and I can't figure out why mapping is not working. When I am trying to click "Next >", nothing happens. Could you please help me on this? Thank you ...
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Workflow to edit fields on converted leads

I'd like to create a workflow (ideally in Process Builder) that changes LeadSource on the Lead record after it has been converted when AccountSource is changed on the Account. Context: inbound leads ...
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