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FormAssembly to Lead Conversion Process

I have a formassembly form connected to our salesforce that creates a lead using the information from the form. The lead owner is chosen based off of our lead assignment rules. However, the lead's ...
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Does omni-channel support Lead/Case assignment even if agents are offline or not logged into Salesforce

Not really sure if I missed it, but wanted to know if work item assignment possible even if agents are offline/not logged in to Salesforce. Checked this but not clear if that is feasible - What does ...
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Turning off lead assignment rules in triggers not working?

I've a rest resource in apex which upserts leads based on the lead phone number but the problem is when lead owner is changed manually from UI and again it is updated from apex rest resource the ...
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User deleted a set of lead assignment rules, and we cannot figure out how

We have a few business users in our org who essentially have admin credentials. We have tried removing these permissions but ultimately our sales leadership said its not an option to remove their ...
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how can I "simulate" the lead assignment rules to understand which user an existing lead would be assigned too if I ran it back through the LARs?

We are building a screenflow that we want to display the user a lead would go to should the proceed to the next screen. Figured this would be a apex action, but I can't seem to find anything about a ...
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Validation rule to not allow the conversion of a lead with an specific owner id [duplicate]

I want to avoid the conversion of a lead if its owner id is equal to 0050O000009PQCKCKQA4. In Setup/Lead Settings I have activated the option "Require Validation for Converted Leads". This ...
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Lead Assignment Email Notification not getting triggered when the Assignment Rule is fired from APEX

For Lead records coming from Marketing Cloud to SF I am triggering the default Lead Assignment Rules using APEX (method invoked from after Insert trigger on Lead). /** * Trigger Lead Assignment rules ...
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Flow assignment data type isn't compatible

I create a schedule flow to verify if the daily events meets with some requirements, like enddate = TODAY and another value on a field (The first get records and the decision to verify if isn't null) ...
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Lead Owner Change to User/queue are firing validation rules incorrectly

I have two validation rules For lead owner change to 'user' For lead owner change to 'queue' Here, user validation rule is firing, even though I am changing the owner to queue. How to make system ...
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Email notifications lead creation via REST API and run through assignment rules

When creating leads via the REST API, the email notifications that are configured in the lead assigment rules don't get triggered, the lead assigment rules DO run. According to this help page, when ...
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Assign Pardot Prospect more than once to trigger Lead Assignment Rules

We would like to store all Marketing Qualified Leads inside a Queue named "MQL Queue". This should be done to every Prospect we get through forms into Pardot. Therefore we add the action &...
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1 answer

assign 100 leads to users with a 'commercial executive' profile without using triggers

global class BGA_AssignLead implements Schedulable{ global void execute(SchedulableContext ctx) { AssignLead(); } public void AssignLead(){ ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I run the default Lead assignment rules on a Lead trigger

Here's my code stripped of the usual professional infrastructure for illustration: trigger LeadTrigger on Lead (after insert, after update, before insert, before update) { if ( ! Util....
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1 answer

why my patch call on lead retriggeres Assignment rules

I thought assignment rules will be triggered only once on record creation . But in case of Lead I have a marketo integration which makes a PATCH call to update existing record which is already ...
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Is there a way to handle the error 'You cannot deactivate a user who is receiving leads'?

I thought I could handle this in a User before update trigger, but it seems I'm wrong - when a user is deactivated, the before trigger does run, but the transaction is stopped entirely, the after ...
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Is it possible to return User ID to a field when referencing an email address in text field?

I am trying to look at a field that gets populated by a vendor integration with our employee's email address, and assign lead ownership based on that. I was intending to try to lookup the User ID and ...
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Writing a Simple APEX Class

Sorry, this could be a simple question, but I'm struggling to find a way to modify a code and convert a lead into an existing Account. I'm trying to do this by using the setAccountID method. The ID ...
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Web to lead assignment to User with least open lead count

I have created a Map 'userIdWithOpenLeadCountMap' and grouped by OpenLeadCount in the ASC order. Then I am getting the first Key from the Map (UserID:005E0000003X2MH) and assigning a new lead to this ...
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3 answers

Lead Assignment based on Load Balancer Concept

How to implement the concept of load balancer? I have set up the Lead Assignment rules based on the concept of Round Robin. Incoming Leads are rotated between each Rep. Works great. However, I now ...
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