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Lazy loading is a design pattern commonly used to defer initialization of an object until the point at which it is needed.

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Implementing Lazy Loading with Lightning Dual Listbox

I need to implement lazy loading for a lightning dual listbox because I have more than 10k data to be put in the options and it is currently make the site hang/lag. I welcome anyone who have any other ...
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Lazy loading LWC without datatable and loadMore

Let's say we have <template> <template if:false={isLoading}> <div class="cxd-history__container" onscroll={handleScroll}> <template for:each={historyList}...
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Is there any way to have a very lazy evaluation of Labels used in Salesforce Chatter messages?

I'm currently working for a company whose main language is German though they are an increasingly multilingual company. I have a requirement that when some event happens, notifications should be sent ...
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onscroll not working in LWC

I am trying to implement infinite loading purely from js by using onscroll event in my LWC. Html: <template> <!--Some other html code--> <template if:true={showRecords}> ...
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Salesforce - Lightning Database with lazyload and Sorting

How can we use lightning data table lazy load functionality with sorting of columns? As Lazy load only will bring certain no of records at a time then sorting actually is working on those set of ...
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