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Update Last Modified Date One day before in Test Class

How to update last modifed Date five minutes before in Test Apex class? Datetime yesterday =; Test.setCreatedDate(testLeadTwo.Id, yesterday); Test.setCreatedDate(...
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When a Rollup Summary Field gets updated do they update the parent's last modified date?

I am trying to understand if we can use lastModifiedDate as a marker for updating and syncing rollup fields from salesforce objects?
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Why Knowledge__kav.LastModifiedDate field is not available for a formula field?

This is very strange behavior. While it is possible to see LastModifiedDate in the Knowledge__kav object, it is not possible to reference it in a formula field. Why? If we try to create a file LMD__c....
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Is there a way to know if LastModifiedDate field was change since the creation?

I have a requirements where I need to know if the record was never been updated since the creation. I tried comparing the lastModifiedDate or SystemModStamp and createdDate if equals, however they ...
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How to get Object's Last Modified Date

I want to get the last modified date of a custom object definition in Apex or via Schema.DescribeSObjectResult doesn't have a method like getLastModifiedDate. But this info is clearly available in ...
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How LastModifiedby (field) updated for true changes

I have a field named LastmodifiedBy that have a lookup with the objet User and it changes and takes the name of the user without making any changes or modification in my record , I just have to ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Who created the Lightning Web Component?

Is there the possibility to query Lightning Web Component as for every other metadata (apex class, visualforce, etc...)? I see them on VS Code but I cannot know the CreatedBy, CreatedDate and the ...
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Change last modified date in a Flow

I have a Flow run once by system administrator to update a custom field in all existing records. But I do not want to update the Last Modified By or Last Modified Date fields. How can I do this? I ...
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Can't update record in test method

I'm trying to make a test class for an Apex class that runs a report and add functionality for it (send some emails and stuff). The problem is that I need to add records (contacts) for that report to ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Difference of last modified date and created in seconds- formula field

When a record is created and trigger executes (after insert)- updating a field, I want to calculate the time difference between the last modified date and the created date in seconds. If it's greater ...
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Fetch data extension objects that has been changed since a specific date

How can I fetch data extension objects that has been changed since a specific date? I'm trying to query DataExtensionObject with a simple filter that checks if the property ModifiedDate is greater ...
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1 answer

LastModifiedDate or SystemModstamp: Which one to verify for concurrent modification exception?

I have a integration requirement where from external system salesforce records can be updated. So, before updating we need to verify if the record has been modified by some other user/process. Is ...
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2 answers

Writing SFDC TO MySQL import tool

Due to limited budget, I am writing my own integration tools using python3, beatbox and soap api. I was wondering if someone can share their knowledge while answering my questions. I will import all ...
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2 answers

SOQL Query to get Accounts that have been refreshed since x time

I have a connected app that will pull data from a salesforce Object. In order to do so, am executing the following query (and sending it through the REST API as form-url-encoded): SELECT Name,Id,...
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How to make the related list "lastModified Date" to be populated in Master Record [closed]

There is a requirement where I need to populate the last modified date of Opportunity related list in Account Record because the changes made in opportunity will be reflected only in last modified ...
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How to display the related list "Last Modified Date'' in Account object without trigger

We have a need where the Related List Last Modified Date to be displayed in their respective Account Object without using any Triggers. Its like whenever there is a change in Last Modified Date of ...
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