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Getting user locale information in LWC

In Aura, we can get the user locale info by using $A.get("$Locale.langLocale"). What is the equivalent in LWC ? Searched in developer doc and in google, not able to find it. How to get the ...
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How can you access display languages via Apex?

I am trying to populate a picklist with my salesforce orgs displayed languages (viewable through setup > Company Settings> Language Settings). There is a way to access all available languages (...
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Current user's locale in ProcessBuilder

I am trying to access the Locale field of the running user in Process Builder. The field is not available from the field list. I have also tried to access the field in the following ways: $User....
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Get LanguageLocaleKey based on timezone ID

I have a custom object called Machine__c and i have a custom picklist field in it called Time_Zone__c. This Time_Zone__c field has the same picklist values as the Standard User object timezone field. ...
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Lightning Community: Load with browser/local language

What I want to achieve is loading my community page with the current browser or local selected language. So far I have different page variations for each language, so I want to load the language ...
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Lightning Component: Select locale language based on a picklist value

I created a form using lightning components. So, in lightning components is there a way to change the labels of the fields based on a language selected through a picklist by the user?
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LanguageLocaleKey On User Object, difference in codes!

I have integrated Salesforce with external system, in external system LanguageLocaleKey codes are stored like "ar_DZ","ca_ES" etc. however when I am trying to send values of LanguageLocaleKey to ...
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