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How can i Return the Answer in the Enstein Chat bot from Knowledge search?

The Einstein bot only uses Summary to show articles in the chatbot. I'm looking for a solution to return the full Answer either by test or attached PDF or word. Is that possible? can I do it with Apex?...
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0 votes
1 answer

Knowledge Article Import Aborted status with An unexpected failure during loading has caused the import to stop in email log

We are trying to import 44,5k articles into Salesforce. We received many failures and the most obscure error so far is Aborted status with An unexpected failure in the email logs. [ERROR zip:...
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1 answer

Not able to publish knowledge article via apex

I have a requirement to create a new record type in the org and assign it to all published knowledge articles. I have created record type My Record Type in the org and updating all records via ...
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