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LWC: maintain focus on radio group option after re-render

my LWC radio group component's input[type=radio] elements are losing focus when keyboard navigated to or clicked. <fieldset role="radiogroup" part="input-radio-group">...
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Detecting the state of the alt/option key in a LWC Headless Quick Action

I'd like my LWC Headless Quick Action to behave differently when the alt/option key is held down. But the platform abstracts away the browser events and calls the invoke function with no additional ...
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Keyboard shortcuts in LWC

I'm trying to write some code that allows users to interact with an LWC component using keyboard short cuts (Shift + N, Shift + S). Using the window.addEventListener() works, and the shortcuts do what ...
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Change Enter key press behavior on Lightning Combobox

I am trying to override behavior of enter key-press on a LWC form. The form has lightning-input elements and lightning-combobox elements. So on lightning-input elements, onkeypress i am checking if ...
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Fire an event on enter button press in LWC

I am trying to implement a button that will fire a search event when it is clicked and also when enter button is pressed. How to listen to the enter button press? This is the code for my button. &...
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Salesforce Keyboard shortcuts

Can we use any keyboard shortcuts in Salesforce Apps? Not Console apps. I only found from this doc e -> edit / -> navigate to search esc -> close create/edit record The others do not seem to work. ...
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2 answers

How to Assign Enter Key to specific Button in vf page

Overriding activity page for some objects. So we set up visual force page accordingly. Everything is working fine but I need when the rep clicks the Enter key automatically specific button called "No"...
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Keyboard shortcuts for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

I am new to SFMC. Are there any keyboard shortcuts to navigate around Salesforce Marketing Cloud? I've Googled but couldn't find anything. I would like to do things like switch to the next ...
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2 answers

What key is pressed in lightning component [closed]

I want to read in my javascript controller what key is pressed in my lightning component. This is the lightning:input that I want to read. <lightning:input value="{!v.username}" aura:id="...
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1 answer

Disable keyboard shortcuts in lightning experience

I have a lightning component that provides it's own hotkeys and those are now overlapping with the new LEX hotkeys released in Summer '17. So pressing 'e' pops open the LEX edit, when i'd like to do ...
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Make Cmd-Click (Open in tab) work on onclick buttons and links

As I understand it right we are supposed to not use href="/..." attributes anymore in Lightning and have onclick="{c.navigateToSObject}" instead. navigateToSObject: function(cmp, event, helper) { ...
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Salesforce Hotkeys for Chrome

Does anyone know if there are any security (or other) concerns related to this Chrome plugin? Link:   Salesforce Hotkeys (BETA) My manager is interested in implementing it, but we both want to ...
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