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Typing Results of querySelectorAll for LWC Components with JSDoc

Salesforce and JavaScript community! I'm looking for the best way to type the result of a querySelectorAll call that targets custom LWC elements. My query is specifically aimed at selecting lightning-...
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Using jsdoc @type imports in LWC crashes page when "Debug Mode"

Is anyone successfully able to use jsdoc @type imports for LWC components? According to this guide it should be possible, but when I add @type {import ...} and NOTHING else, my the entire page crashes ...
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How to document LWC Salesforce components public variables with JSDoc?

JSDoc skips my public LWC variables. Here is an example: /** * SomePublicVarName mode - default is false. * * @type {boolean} */ @api somePublicVarName = false; If I ...
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Self documenting LWC components [closed]

I would like our lightning web components to self document on confluence. Kind of like javadocs for LWC. One idea I was thinking about was to have a nightly job that runs and uses JSDoc (https://jsdoc....
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How to document Lightning Web Components (LWCs)?

Aura Component bundles can include a .auradoc file that in itself is well documented. For Lightning Web Components, the bundle is stripped down to less files which is a good thing. And the overall ...
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