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How to use <force:inputField> and <force:outputField> inside an <aura:iteration>

Here @Peter describes a very cool way to use a <force:inputField ... /> together with <aura:attribute name="YourObjectType" type="YourObjectType" default="{ ...
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Stop Batch Process

Good day everyone, I have created a batch process. Let say I have thousands of records to process. Now what i want is when there is an error encounter or some problem found in the data during the ...
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Get Data from batch iterable

Good day everyone, Maybe this question is basic for everyone but I'm having a problem with it, so I'm asking for help. I have created a BATCH ITERABLE . global with sharing class batchProcessor ...
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Get first row of CSV data in salesforce and use for mapping

I want to get data from csv and upload it to salesforce. I use this link and
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How to get Map collection out of a list?

I currently have a multi-demensional map/list object that is defined like this: Map <Id,List <Map <Id,Custom_Inventory__c> >> complexMap = getComplexMapObject(); The object was ...
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How can I filter through object using 2 separate fields as unique identifiers?

I have a custom object (we'll call it RS__c), and it theoretically has a 1 to 1 relationship to OpportunityLineItems (it is not possible to create a reference field directly to create this ...
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Number of iterations exceeded - Flow Error

I have a flow that loops through Opportunity Line Items. When the number of line items get large it get an error in my flow. The UI gives the following message "You or your organization has exceeded ...
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Aggregate query does not support queryMore() [duplicate]

I have a requirement to send mass emails to certain Users of current day created records daily. I am unable to do that with below code. Getting error : Aggregate query does not support queryMore() ...
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Why is my Lightning aura:iterate component not iterating?

Currently working through the Create a Standalone Lightning App tutorial, which seems a good introduction to SFDC Lightning, but not entirely flawless. I have this component <aura:component ...
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This map cannot be used in an iteration because the keys cannot be sorted

In my apex code I am adding some value into map. And I am trying to loop through the map on VF page using apex:repeat but I am getting an error that This map cannot be used in an iteration because ...
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