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Why can't a Queueable use an Iterator that comes from a Set?

I saw some surprising behaviour when storing the iterator obtained from a Set<Id> as a member in a Queueable class. So, I wrote the following trivial Queueable class to investigate: public class ...
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ui:inputCheckbox and aura:iteration: value binding

I am currently writing a lightning component made of a table of elements that can be selected (or not) using a ui:inputCheckbox. So the way I do is fetching the data from APEX controller during the ...
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Get first row of CSV data in salesforce and use for mapping

I want to get data from csv and upload it to salesforce. I use this link and
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Aura Component Boxes in aura iteration

How could I have some boxes with same vertical size that are being created in a iteration on aura component? Code: <div class="slds-grid slds-wrap"> <aura:iteration ...
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How can I append new data rows to an existing data extension with predefined properties and columns?

There is data-extension-row-update and data-extension-row-create, but nothing like data-extension-row-append. Say I have an existing data extension I retrieve via import ET_Client myClient = ...
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aura:iteration label of current field

Is there a possibility to get the Label of current field using aura:iteration ? <aura:iteration items="{!v.objectName}" var="objectName"> <lightning:input value="{!objectName.field1}" ...
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How to Implement "fluent constructors" inside visualforce page data iterator?

I am trying to put together a custom controller class implementing the fluid interface builder pattern. Said class does compile, and my question is how can it be implemented inside a VisualForce page'...
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Lightning button attribute "Disabled" in "aura:iteration tag"

I'm trying to enable a lightning:button if a lightning:inputField changes. This is the aura:component: <aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForRecordHome,force:hasRecordId,force:...
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how to check iterator in batch process

I am using an iterator to use an aggregate query on a custom object looking for unique years. on the very last iteration, I want to change a value, so I am hoping to use hasNext, but it looks like i ...
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How do i access components made through iteration without using aura:id?

I am currently developing a search bar for Salesforce Lightning and i am having a bit of trouble with editing the class of dynamically created components using aura:iteration. At the moment i use ...
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<aura:handler name="change"> stops working after being called three times

I'm having an issue with a handler which initially fires as expected for three times, but then stops responding after that. The parent component has three attributes: A list of Custom SObjects A ...
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Refresh subtab in Service Cloud or page in classical view using Visualforce

I've created a custom Visualforce page which is embedded into quick action (feed view). After user clicks submit button I'm changing the status of a case and trying to refresh the current subtab (...
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Lightning help with Apex array sort for:each iteration

I have a tabset that is rendering article records. Does someone have a lightning example how I would create the index to set the tab title and the order? HTML <template> <lightning-card title=...
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LWC - How to clear my input text fields when saving?

When saving a record, my input fields should is replaced with empty value (clear the text field) and I am having issue with the one within the iteration. I have 2 inputs that are not part of the ...
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Align table rows and columns in two different Lightning Components (Parent-Child)

I am new to Lightning Components and I have 2 Lightning Components (parent-child) where Parent iterates records of the child component. <lightning:card title="Energy Profiles"> ...
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Iteration in LWC not working for 2nd element of input array

I am working in LWC requirements where I have a list of records using this list I need to create inputs text. Once I loop through the list in LWC 'HTML component' my input texts are coming as aspected ...
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Error handling for iterable child component inside parent in lightning web components (LWC)

In my parent component , I have used child component inside and iteration. So for example child component is present twice in parent component. Now I want to show error message when on of the required ...
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get a particular element in web component iteration

I want actually to be able to get an attribute on a particular item in the web component iteration, but cannot get it to work. Look for instance the following code : <template> <...
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What is the best way to populate a map from a list conditionally?

I would like to know if there's a better way to populate a map from a list where conditions apply as to whether the list item is to be added to the map or not. For eg I have a list of objects ...
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How to pass record id to another component while click on checkbox in aura iteration

I am facing one issue with navigating to record from another component when user selected checkbox in one component and I will get those selected Id in next component.
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Lightning iteration does not accept inputText values

I have the below markup in my Lightning component. <aura:attribute name="items" type="InventoryAdjustWrapper[]" description="Items" access="public" /> <!-- <aura:attribute name="items" ...
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retrieve other fields of a SObject after a user has selected an option

I am writing an app that will help calculate the statute of limitations for certain laws. ex. enter a date that a crime happened on and, after choosing a law and appropriate limitation the limitation ...
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