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Internal Comments on Case

When adding a comment to the "Internal Comments" -field on the Case object the comment is visible in the "All updates" -list but not in the field itself. According to "All ...
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How to insert comments in lightning aura components that are not shown in the generated HTML?

The lightning aura component comment syntax common to HTML <!-- comment --> generates a comment also in the generated HTML. There is a way to insert comments in the source code of the .cmp ...
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Private Case Comments in Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud

It appears that case comments are deprecated in the Lightning version of Service Cloud Cases, in favor of using a chatter feed. As far as I can tell, if a user has access to a case, they have access ...
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Custom Formula is making me crazy for making Case Comments Default to Public

Ok, I am trying to hack the Comments default to Public workflow. I have made the Internal Comments field a part of my Cases but don't want them to be public. So this is the Formula that I came up with:...
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How to insert Cases and CaseComments from Command Line

I need to update some cases from command-line. I know that "Internal Comments" is not a field of Cases and that it is connected to the Object Case Comments. The problem is that I want some people ...
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Command-Line Upsert: "Internal Comments" mapping

I'm upserting Cases by Command-Line. I need to insert the content of the field "Internal Comments" that actually is not exactly a field of Case (but instead of the object CaseComments). When I create ...
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