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Questions tagged [inline-editing]

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LWC: Custom Datatable with Multiple Objects Inline Editing

I've been trying to find an example to go off of, but not finding anything relevant. I've created a custom data-table in an LWC which pulls data from two separate objects and compiles them into a data-...
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i am not getting the updated record in datatable after saving the inline edits in lwc

import { LightningElement, track, wire } from 'lwc'; import getAccountNames from '@salesforce/apex/fetchKidsClubsName.getAccountNames'; import getKidsClubRecords from '@salesforce/apex/...
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Inline editing in reports - page layout for this record doesn't allow edits

I am new to Salesforce and VF. I created a bunch of custom fields and put them into a VF page. The page works fine, I can edit the fields and save them. The problem is the following: I wanted to ...
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Is it possible to build a custom list using LWC or Aura with rich text field inline editing?

I have been searching for days but can't seem to find any clue. I have tried "lightning-datatable" component but it does not work. I was able to do it in Visualforce but now I need to do it ...
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How to update only selected records in lightningdatatable using inline editing in LWC component

I am new to LWC and trying to achieve the update functionality for only selected rows on lightningDataTable. Normal update I am able to do but once I edited the fields for multiple rows and then I ...
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Can't mass edit Billing Country in list view - why?

I have a list view of account with the billing country as a field. Inline editing is enabled and working, however, for the Country field it's locked. I tried both with no record types at all for the ...
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