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Program and Program Enrollment Objects (Non-Profit Cloud) not visible on Salesforce Inspector

We're starting an implementation using Non-profit cloud and the Program and Program Enrollment Objects are not showing up in Salesforce Inspector. We've already done the steps below and this allowed ...
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Where to find the latest version of the Vlocity_cme managed package?

Is there a way to, using bash script, to get the latest available Vlocity_cme package version ID? (04t). The ID is part of this page, but using wget you get an empty page, so that doesn't work. Is ...
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FlexCard: How to pass records from data source to the dropdown select list?

I have created a Flexcard with a DataRaptor as a data source. The records from the datasource are retrieved correctly and are displayed in a datatable as shown in the picture using {records}. I want ...
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Vlocity/Salesforce Industries Cloud: Product Attribute of type Lookup?

Is it supported to create an Attribute of type "Lookup" in Salesforce Industries CPQ? I see that for example, Picklists, text and number are supported but i don't see Lookup to be supported. ...
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Salesforce Industry Cloud (E&U) - Contract Term on Product

Does Salesofrce Industry Cloud (Energy & Utilities Module) have anything related to Contract Term on Product level? It seems to me that when you sell services such as Electricity and/or Gas, ...
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Salesforce Industry Cloud (E&U) - Contracts object use

In Salesforce Energy & Utilities Data Model, there is the "Contract" object. If Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is not used, is there any reason why to use Contracts? It seems to me ...
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