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Query Accounts from Individual in a Parent-to-Child SOQL query

This is a case in Salesforce: There is a lookup relationship from Account to Individual, both standard objects. How to write a parent-to-child SOQL query where Individual is the parent and Account is ...
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IndividualId as a SubscriberKey in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I want to ask your advice in organizing a new Marketing Cloud org. Our business process is organized in a way that we have Leads and later they are converted into Person Accounts. We track the ...
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What is IndividualId and MasterRecordId?

So I've set up Marketing Cloud Connect between my Marketing Cloud instance to my Sales Cloud instance. Then I went to Contact Builder > Data Sources, and then proceeded to "Set up object" ...
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How do I populate individual dates using addDays() onto a series of child records?

To give you some context, I'm writing a trigger between a parent-child relationship ("Event" - "Day"). When entering number of days into the Event__c object, I would like to ...
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How to give dynamic record access level using roles?

I have the a role hierarchy like this: manager suboridinate   profiles       profiles ----------- ChildRole1.1 | ...
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Create Individual as Site/Community GUEST user

I want a Community public page to create a Lead, and I want to capture a consent checkbox, which should live on the Individual object. The guest profile does not include the Individual object, and I ...
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Individual <> Contact Relationship

I'd like to set up validation rule logic so that if Data Loader loads or updates a contact with the same email as an Individual with 'shouldForget' checked (on the Individual record), then throw an ...
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In Winter '20 the Individual to ContactPointTypeConsent is not navigable anymore. Is this a defect or intended behaviour?

We have a lightning component showing the consents an Individual has given on the Contact Record Page. After the Winter '20 release we observe a regression, the consent information of the Individual ...
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Can you know use Individuals in Journey Builder with API Update

A general question, the latest release of SFMC has updated the API that journey builder uses with Salesforce. As such, you should now in theory be able to inject an "Individual" into a Journey just ...
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Salesforce documentation, how to write a test class for below code [duplicate]

I am trying to make a simple test class to get the code coverage. This is the class of the documentation in Salesforce which must be tested. Has anyone a sample for me :) ? Best regards. Constantin ...
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Add Individual Object in unlocked package

Does anyone know if Individual Object is supported in Unlocked Packages? I tried to look in the list of available features, similar to what is necessary for Person Accounts, but I did not find ...
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Test Coverage for Individual Object

We may all know that Salesforce introduced the Individual object in 2018 because of the introduction of GDPR. Here what I need is I need to create a test class for the Individual object because I ...
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How do I inject an Individual into a Marketing Cloud Journey?

I want to inject an 'Individual' from the Sales Cloud Individual Object into a Marketing Cloud Journey. Currently I can only seem to inject Users, Contacts or Leads. Does anybody know how to allow ...
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describeSObject for Individual object

Is it possible to call the describeSObject method for the Individual object?I am using the Partner-Connection-API com.sforce.soap.partner.DescribeSObjectResult describeSObject(java.lang.String ...
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How do you populate data on the new Individual Object?

As part of the gearing up to GDPR, Salesforce is releasing the new Individual object that is associated with Contacts and Leads. There are instructions in the release notes that point to turning the ...
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