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Using Salesforce indexes

I'm working on an org that will have around 25m opportunities when data migration is complete. I'm trying to anticipate the issues we will face running batch processes against this data volume. We ...
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Customer Portal and SOQL query optimization

We have a customer portal which has sharing set by Account i.e. Record level security by granting access to portal users where their Account matches the Account associated with the record. I was ...
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Can Lookup Field be part of Composite Index?

I have an sObject say student( ..., student_name text,favourite_teacher lookup,marks integer) By the documentation , lookup fields (favourite_teacher) will be indexed by default. Is it possible ...
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Can you index the isDeleted field? If so, how do you calculate the selectivity threshold

Can you index the standard isDeleted field? If so, in terms of calculating the selectivity threshold, would it be considered a unary standard or unary custom index? I'm working with large data volumes ...
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Issues with testing a scheduled product index builder class (B2B commerce)

I wrote this schedulable B2B Commerce Product Index Builder class based on documentation from Salesforce and consulting a custom rep. global class ccScheduledProductIndexBuilder implements ...
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Duplicates on indexed external fields?

I was performing some data masking on a few fields in the Account object and saw that about 150 records could not be masked due to duplicate values in a field that had an index and was marked as an ...
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SOQL vs Reports: Why is server losing connection when I run equivalent SOQL from Query Editor?

I have a Batch process which accepts 300,000 or so records from its query. When I run the query as a standalone in Query Editor or in Workbench, I get errors (discussed in last post Errors for count() ...
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Passing iterated variable from Markup to JS Controller

I need a way to keep track of each iterated lightning:inputField so that any changes made to that specific field is reflected by a CSS style change. Markup <aura:iteration items="{!v....
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Restrictions with HomePhone ( i.e Standard field ) for indexing?

I am working on a requirement where I need to use phone fields in where clause of the apex code, and I need those fields to be indexed. I contacted support to request they index a set fields, and they ...
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