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Handling the triggering logic for in-app notifications on the app side?

When triggering in-app from marketing cloud how can we send metadata to the app if we want to handle the notification logic and message prompt dialog design on the app side? For example can we send ...
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In-App event View_Screen display trigger - message not showing

I'm implementing an upgrade to the latest SDK' in-order to start displaying In-app messages in a verity on screens on my native app. We can see that a message is getting to the client device, however, ...
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In some rare cases in app offer appears immediately on app startup despite event delegate configuration

Problem We have implemented MarketingCloudSDK iOS (v8.0.8) according to documentation. One of critical requirements for the app is to have full control of when in-app offer appears. However, in some ...
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Error while receiving inapp message in android SDk 8.0.7

My app is receiving push messages but is unable to receive in-app messages. I have implemented everything from the documentation.
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How to display specific in-app guidance everytime a user opens a record

I am doing a POC on In-App Guidance, and created a pop-up prompt to display on New Contact screen. That pop-up prompt is supposed to provide guidance related to some fields on the New Contact screen. ...
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