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IE10 is a version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer released in 2012. It has since been superceded by IE11.

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Snap Chat IE 10

I have an application written in angular 2. I have snap chat working with latest firefox, chrome, ie 11. With ie 10, I get cors exceptions. I tried Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > ...
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IE loads twice softphone adapter in console

In the organisation, there is a call center definition file that loads a softphone component. When debugging it with IE10, I can see the softphone adapter is loaded twice. It happens in Console mode, ...
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IE10 Forced into IE7 Standards document mode for Visualforce

I've created a VF page which leverages some nice CSS 3 and HTML 5 features but it doesn't render correctly on IE10. This is not because IE10 doesn't stick to standards, but because it's reverting to ...
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