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Default to non Salesforce Authenticator App for MFA

When enabling MFA for users the initial screen that prompts them is for Salesforce Authenticator with a small "Choose Another Verification Method" option near the very bottom. Our ...
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System.UserManagement.sendAsyncEmailConfirmation not directing user to Verify Email Screen

A new verification feature in the Spring '22 release is that an user will receive a verification email once per release when they instigate an email. I'm trying to use Apex to send a mass email out ...
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"This operation is not allowed for internal user profiles" - Custom Digital Experience Login Handler

I am using a Custom Digital Experiences (Communities) Login Page with a custom controller to handle verification and login. The expectation is, a Sales Agent will create an inactive Community User ...
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Connected app digital certificate automation

I'm writing a wrapper over a salesforce instance and retrieving access token with the salesforce using JWT token. In this process, I've to manually upload the digital certificate in the connected app ...
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redirect Issue post MFA

We have implemented 2FA for partner community user. Since then we are facing an issue while trying to render pdf in a VF page.Here is the flow After successful login through 2FA, "Partner ...
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Skip Identity Verification

In Summer 20, Salesforce allowed us to "Allow Highly Trusted Users to Skip Identity Verification" which very plainly specified the intent. In Winter 21, you took this away pretending it was ...
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