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How to refresh token with OpenIdConnect as Identity provider?

I have setup an auth provider with Open Id Connect. It works well but I have an issue when I want to refresh the token. I'm using this line to get a token. Auth.AuthToken.getAccessTokenMap(auId, 'Open ...
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Salesforce as IdP error - Invalid HTTP method

I have built an application (Service Provider) and I want to use Salesforce as the SSO IdP using SAML 2.0. When being redirected to Salesforce to authenticate the user, I get a 'Single Sign On Error: ...
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Sending a multi-valued attribute in SAML assertion

I made connected App in Sandbox to log in AWS using SSO from Salesforce (SFDC-identity Provider, AWS - ServiceProvider) we set up NAME ID Format (urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent) ...
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SSO between Experience Cloud and external E-commerce site

The client needs Is the following: From the e-commerce (external hosted) when they want to register,they are redirected to the salesforce community Page where they can log-in or register. After they ...
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How to get the service provider Id from a connected app of SSO

We have service provider id in Salesforce which looks something like this - '0sp3I0000004CN4' This is used in the IdP-Initiated Login URL. Here is the documentation for that: IdP-Initiated Login URL ...
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Is there a simple way to test a SAML JIT handler class?

I'm in the process of configuring Single Sign-On for my org and this org will require JIT user provisioning. I've written a custom SAML JIT handler class to handle that logic and now I want to test ...
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Salesforce community as IDP not working when using custom login page

I've to use Salesforce customer community as IdP for one of my external portal(SP) which is built on Angular framework. We're trying to use web server Oauth flow where grant type is authorization ...
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My Domain change and SSO

We are changing our My domain after company name change. We have a couple of SSO configured in our org, I know that endpoints will change automatically once new My domain is deployed but do I have to ...
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Can you merge a new contact with an existing experience contact

Can you merge a new contact with an existing experience contact where the contact on the experience user get replaced by the new contact. I understood that it is not possible to update the contact on ...
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Using Salesforce as IDP for community plus users on an external company site?

I got tasked with these requirements I am kind of lost on. Was wondering if anyone here has had a similar ask or can provide suggestions for how to go about this? We have an external company website ...
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Apex web service rest with auth0

I want to give the possibility to our customers stored in salescloud to modify their information. For that, I will develop an apex web service rest api. Is it possible to use auth0 as identity ...
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Access On-Premises data from Salesforce [closed]

Active Directory is used to store user and permissions. Salesforce needs to access some documents from an on-premise system. This should be restricted to certain users only. I am thinking this can be ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Capture session timeout event

We have a requirement, where salesforce is an identity provider for the external system(using SAML). So when a user logouts of salesforce, an external system should be notified. The connected app ...
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Automated User Registration with Salesforce IDP

I was wondering if you can automate the signup process in case Salesforce is IDP. For example I have two applications A and B (service provider) and I want to add Salesforce as IDP. Is it possible to ...
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SSO: wiring a launch of an external app to a button

I am using Salesforce as IdP using SAML 2.0. Currently this connected app can be opened through app launcher for single sign on to third party application. However it is also desired to open this ...
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How to determine service provider connected app in Login page?

I have a setup where Salesforce is the Identity provider and the authorization flow is service-provider initiated (where the service provider supports oAuth, not SAML). The login page is reached and ...
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Dynamically Pass attributes to SAML from Lightning Component/VF Page [duplicate]

I have a use case where a user clicks the SSO link on a case record or account record and it should pass some Case/Account fields based on the current record information to the SAML response. In other ...
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Send custom data when Salesforce is a SAML SSO identity provider [duplicate]

We configured Salesforce as an Identity Provider for an External App. We want to be able to make Idp-Initiated SSO and send custom attributes with the SAML Message, for example the Case or Account ID ...
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SAML - Triggering Single Logout (SLO) when session times out at the identity provider

Let's say I have Saleforce set up as an Identity Provider with a session timeout of 15 minutes. I set up a connected app with SAML and SLO. I use SSO to access a connected app and start working only ...
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How to create an Identity Provider using the Metadata API

I see all other types like AuthProviders but don't see a way to create an Identity Provider in Salesforce Metadata API.. Is there none?! And why?
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Certification and Key Management Expiration

I have been researching about certification renewal and expiration and am confused if I need to renew or not. I read here that I only need a certificate if I have "service providers" in my org. I ...
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Setting up an external OIDC auth provider with Salesforce

I have always integrated a SAML IDP with Salesforce and I'm trying OIDC now. I have created a Salesforce OIDC app in my IDP. I took the clientID and clientSecret, and then created a Auth. Provider in ...
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How to setup Salesforce Identity Provider to work with Twilio Flex

What is the process to setup Salesforce Identity Provider to work with a 3rd party like Twilio Flex? Whenever I try to login, I get this error: Incorrect HTTP Method
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Get Access Token in AuthProvider RegistrationHandler

I have a custom class that implements Auth.RegistrationHandler This class is used a a registration handler for my Salesforce Auth. Provider (basically "Login with Salesforce" in another Salesforce org)...
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