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html2canvas with a sticky header causing image problems

I am using html2canvas in my Salesforce app to export a table as an pdf, but I am having problems with the header becoming misplaced when I scroll. The table is on its own div on the page and I tried ...
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Third-party js lib not being displayed in canvas LWC (Fabric.js lib)

I'm trying to display some shapes using the Fabric.js library. From the console, seems like the fabric.canvas is built correctly, but nothing is being rendered. My code: HTML <template> <...
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Getting a REGEX too complicated error when trying to programmatically screenshot a page

I have a requirement where I have to take a screenshot of multiple pages and store them in documents on the click of a button. I have everything working perfectly on a windows machine. But when I try ...
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Save Visualforce DIV to Salesforce record field as image

I have an inline visualforce page on a record, which takes certain variables from the record and produces an image. What I would like to do is to save the image into a rich text field on the same ...
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jsPdf not working in Visualforce page for large documents

Task: To convert a document[visualforce generated one] into pdf. Solution I am using now : making use of salesforce renderAs="pdf" method Problem Faced : RenderAs pdf method is not working as ...
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Screenshot div in lightning component

Im trying to capture a div that's contained in a lightning component, using Html2canvas, but im getting an error. This is my component : <aura:component implements="flexipage:...
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Canvas Pad Signature on VF page..?

Hi i have created a VF page to capture signature uisng this link Link which i have used It working fine in individual vf page but when i add tr,td and table it is not working.I just don't know the ...
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renderAs PDF shows blank first page

I am using the html2canvas library to render the page with a view to rendering the canvas as a PDF. I am saving the canvas as an Attachment fine. The direct link to the attachment looks like this: ...
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