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HTML EMAIL Version [closed]

The following code i am using for HTML, <table> <tr>Test Name</tr> <tr>Test Name 2</tr> <tr> <td>Test</td> <td>Test 2</td> ...
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How to add padding between div and button aura component

How do I add padding between the div and button as shown in the screenshot below. <div class="slds-notify slds-notify_alert slds-theme_alert-texture slds-theme_warning" role="alert&...
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LWC1041: Static id values are not allowed in iterators. Id values must be unique within a template and must be computed with an expression

I'm getting LWC1041 error in below html code in LWC. <template for:each={page.sections} for:item="section" for:index="secIndx"> <template if:true={value}> ...
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Reading a file from salesforce aura helper recursion problem

I'm trying to read a file in an async way on aura helper, but recursion is not happening, is just executed once. The code is pretty simple and tried a lot of approaches but no one work. I try with ...
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Community Dynamic Fields from the Account

So we are working in our Company to build a support portal page. Our team would like to have in the site how many open and closed cases. My ideas ran dry when I tried to ask Salesforce for help, now ...
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Template marketing cloud: I would like to unlock full html, so that I can personnalize my template with class and tables

I used a marketing cloud template and I want to customize it with extra html (to make it render well on a specific email client). The thing is that when I click on code view > toggle 'show full ...
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Salesforce Napili Community:How to give background color to the whole HTML body section?

I am using the standard out of the box HTML Editor component but I am not able to give background color to the HTML text. The Code I used is: h3 { background-color: green; } <div id="body" ...
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Salesforce HTML Area Home page component not working

I have below component enabled for a particular profile Users to navigate to a VF page after the users logs in removing their Home Page. It works fine when I log in from System Admin profile and then ...
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Enabling CORS for visualforce domain

With Summer 15 release Javascript in HTML home page Components is not allowed, but is allowed in VF components/pages included in home page side bar. When I try to access DOM elements on salesforce ...
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Apex:repeat option is repeating element multiple times

I'm using Apex repeat and including check-box field and check-box value. Here is the Apex code. <apex:repeat value="{!providerCategories}" var="pc"> <label&...
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Home Page Component - Summer 15 issue

I was using HTML component in home page component for advance search functionality in Narrow (Left) Column of Home Layout. My HTML component was <script language="JavaScript" type="text/...
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What exactly is being done by Salesforce in Summer 15 update to HTML Area home page components?

I'm trying to understand what and how exactly we gonna get effected with this change. As per this help link - Changes to Home Page Components, it does answer almost all but I'm not entirely clear of ...
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