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Creating a contact with a custom record type from a household

I have a set of custom record types for Contacts. From the Manage Household function, I would like to create a Contact record with an ability to choose one of the custom record types for Contacts. How ...
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How to stop Rollup Helper from triggering NPSP to rename orgs "Anonymous Household"

A bunch of Organizations (aka Accounts) have been renamed to "Anonymous Household", which we did not want renamed. We have the Nonprofit Success Pack installed, which is known to make this ...
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Alternative of contact to contact relation usecase in salesforce

I have a business case wherein I have to create a contact-to-contact relationship. here is the usecase in a diagram I could think of only the below options to resolve this issue. option 1. Convert ...
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Financial Services Cloud Unit Testing - Inserting AccountContactRelation Fails

I am trying to create a unit test in Financial Services Cloud that tests operations on Household Roles. The org uses Person Accounts. Whenever I try and insert an AccountContactRelation with the ...
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Household Accounts overwritten by other Accounts on Contact record- are these household records deleted?

During a recent import(update) of Contacts, we had the "Account Name" field overwritten with Organization Accounts that should have gone into Primary Affiliation. Originally, the Account field held ...
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How do you stop NPSP from automatically creating a Household when adding a Contact?

Households on my system are created before contacts due to our data sources and workflow. So when I add a contact I need it to auto link to an existing household/account (which I've got working). ...
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How do I include Record Type in Account Name with NPSP using Household Account Model?

I would like to specify a custom Account Name that contains the Record Type in our NPSP deployment that uses Household Accounts model. We have four Contact record types so far: Volunteer, Client, ...
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NPSP Data Import Wizard Contacts mapping issue

I have trouble mapping over basic Account and Contact fields. I use the wizard to test a small batch of Account/Contacts but not all the fields are listed when I have to map over half the fields. Also,...
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formula field to access household primary member info on FSC managed package

This is mainly an Financial Services Cloud question. We created a field named CSS (look up field) in the HH record and the the same CSS (look up field) for the primary HH member client account record....
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Stop accounts from being renamed "Anonymous Household" with NPSP?

I'm working with an education organization with the nonprofit starter pack installed. We're trying to create and update account records for the different colleges our students attend, but whenever we ...
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2 answers

After upgrading to the NPSP 3, can I safely delete all "Households"?

I recently upgraded my organization to the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3 and switched over to the Household Account model (from the 1-to-1 model). I have already deleted all the deprecated 1-to-1 accounts....
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Householding dilemna

I have been looking into a way to represent a B2C householding scenario in an org. Nonprofit Starter Pack I have come across the Nonprofit Starter Pack -- Householding package on the app exchange. ...
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Excluding Contacts from Householding in NPSP

TL;DR How do I use my own bucketing system for some Contacts and the NPSP Household Account system for others? The background I have a pretty complex org to which I'd like to add the Nonprofit ...
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