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1 answer

Highlights Panel in a custom Lightning Component

I'm wondering whether I could use "Highlights Panel Component" inside my custom component. is there some sort of tag that i can use it on my view or something.
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1 vote
2 answers

Invalid property [enableActionsInNative] in component [force:highlightsPanel] when deploying

Came across these two errors when deploying my first change set. I've read another thread where it says to delete your highlights panel, but I'm not sure how to do that. Do I delete the highlights ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Highlights Panel never shows action icons?

I want to check if I'm missing something or if the "Highlights Panel" component that allows custom actions to be added just does not (by design) show custom action icons. I assume the latter;...
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0 answers

Wrong actions showing up on highlights panel

I have an opportunity page layout with a bunch of actions on it. I've assigned it to a specific record type and profile (Agent). It shows up fine for a user in that profile. I now cloned the ...
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1 answer

Parent Case field not showing on the Case Highlights Panel

I added the standard field 'Parent Case' to the Compact Case Layout but I dont see it on the Highlights Panel. I am sure I am pointing to the right Layout, because I can see the other fields been ...
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1 answer

Setting horizontal vs. vertical orientation for Highlights component

According to Use new Lightning App Builder attributes to display the highlights ...
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1 answer

How to configure highlight panel for person account

Our company is using Person Account to serve direct customers. I am trying to customize the Highlights Panel, however no luck in finding where I should go. I tried to edit the compact layout in both ...
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0 answers

Use a LWC Button on the Hightlight Panel without using Dynamic Actions because other forms needs to have the old standard

I've created an apex class to identify in which Status a Case is and if It's on "B" It changes the Status to "A" and the users need to choose when this is going to happen, It means ...
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1 answer

Status field in Highlights Panel not showing in certain profile

I hope someone can help me coz I'm stuck. So I have a page layout and lightning page which is being shared my multiple profiles. However, it seems like the status in Highlights Panel of my Lightning ...
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1 answer

Add field to label in highlights panel

I have a custom object 'Recipient' with a custom field to include last name. I need to display both the recipient's first and last name in the label portion of the highlights panel - right now, it ...
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Changes in compact layout only occasionally show in highlights panel

I am having problems changing the fields that are shown in the Lightning highlights panel. In theory, these fields are the first seven that are assigned via the compact page layout. In practice ...
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