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An HTML input element of type hidden, that is, an input element that is invisible to the user. Use this component to pass variables from page to page.

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Web to lead / get source URL

I have the same web to lead code in many web sites. How could I dynamically set in a custom field on my lead the origin URL, from where the client come from?
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How can I get all custom fields that are Hidden from all profiles?

I got responsibility for another SF instance. The objects all have 100's of fields, of which many are hidden from all users (historically, they would not delete the field, but hide it from all users - ...
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Is there a way to hide Custom Settings and Metadata Types to Profiles? [duplicate]

Is there a way to hide Custom Settings and Metadata Types to Profiles? Thank you in advance! :)
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Using SQL query in Marketing Cloud with a hidden field in Sales Cloud

Is it possible to run a SQL query that uses a hidden field in Sales Cloud?
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Getting weird error: "Error:Hidden field value (not shown) duplicates value on record: LANDesk Software Ltd"

When trying to close out an Opp, I get this error: "Error:Hidden field value (not shown) duplicates value on record: LANDesk Software Ltd" The crazy part is, the Opp is related to a different ...
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inputhidden value not passing to controller

trying to send the Input hidden value but it not reflecting in the controller. Don't know why the value is not fetching.. what's wrong here... tried with parameters and actionfunction also but not ...
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Binding input to a hidden variable with JS

I've got a datepicker attached to an input text, and I need to make the text value available to my apex variable "LaunchDate." It's not binding. I even tried putting onfocus="SetLaunchD()" in the ...
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Tracking on external forms.?

I have a question regarding the tracking on external forms. Here is the situation : We send a satisfaction email to our client with some questions. We have a data extension and for each field in ...
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Create leads or contacts from marketing cloud with landing pages smart capture

Can anyone guide me on how can we generate leads or contacts in Salesforce through a smartcapture form with hidden fields like record type? I only have landing pages in web studio.
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Set condition to hide output in AMPscript

I want to set a condition to hide %%=v(@LastName)=%% if %%=v(@FirstName)=%% is empty/null, is there any function to hide inputs in AMPscript ? Thank you
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Getting value of hidden input to jQuery [closed]

I have a a div section which within it stores a hidden Id value. I am trying to access this in jquery but can't find a way. Could someone point me in the right direction?: <apex:pageBlockSection ...
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Hide standard field and copy data in the new recreated custom field

I have a standard field called currency but I need to change its data type from picklist to multi-select picklist. The problem is that it is not possible to change the data type of standard fields ...
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How to access the lookup field's hidden Id with javascript

I have a visualforce page to do some CRUD operations on a custom object, which contains a lookup field to the account. I need to do some client side validations with javascript based on the Id of the ...
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