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Questions tagged [heroku-enterprise]

Heroku Enterprise provides a simple, easy to use, and powerful set of features to manage your enterprise application development processes, resources, and users.

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Heroku connect customization

Currently i did not find any solution in which we can create/define a logic which we can write in Heroku connect to restrict this sync to certain records in s table. Example: I have a custom object ...
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How to host Adonis js app in Heroku hosting [Adonis js ] [closed]

I tried to host my web-app but it shows an an error.I followed all this steps Download and install the Heroku CLI. If you haven't already, log in to your Heroku account and follow the prompts to ...
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Can I upgrade from hobby to Standard 1x just paying the difference?

I am about to publish my application, and I would like to buy the hobby plan, for the beginning, but with the passage of time, and when my application starts to grow, I know I will need to upgrade to ...
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Can we connect many salesforce org, in heroku connect?

We want to transfer 3 salesforce orgs object record to another salesforce org Using heroku connect. What should i do ? i have 3 developer edition salesforce. and free heroku account. Thanks in ...
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Salesforce AppCloud - Where is WAVE?

During dreamforce Salesforce has announced "app cloud". Part of app cloud are the following technologies: FORCE HEROKU ENTERPRISE LIGHTNING THUNDER One technology plattform is missing: WAVE. ...
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