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Refresh graphql is not working in LWC

I have below wire method in LWC which is executing a graph query. @wire(graphql, { query: mygraphquery }) graphqlQueryResult(result) { this.graphedData = result const { ...
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getPicklistValuesByRecordType returns networkAdapterError when used in a LWC in an offline mode with Graph QL and briefcase

We are invoking getPicklistValuesByRecordType to get the picklist values corresponding to default record type of Timesheet Entry in a lwc component in FSL app as shown below. When we run the LWC in ...
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Salesforce Graphql Schema object is missing some field/objects

I'm currently experimenting with Salesforce GraphQL at I've successfully pulled the GraphQL schema from the above URL, but unfortunately, some ...
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Graphql, issue with quering parent fields when use upperBound

API version: 60 Current query with upperBound: query accounts { uiapi { query { Partner_Invoice__c(first: 200, upperBound: 5000) { edges { node { Id ...
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GraphQL Semi join : Filter condition on semi join query gives error for 2 specific fields

const whereClause = `where: { Id: { inq: { Apttus_Config2__AssetLineItem__c : { and : [ { Apttus_Config2__AssetStatus__c : { eq : "Activated" } ...
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Guest users are not permitted to perform this operation

I am trying to apply the graphql to my publish lightning site. I am using lightning-record-picker to find the contact from a published site. But I got this error. When rendering the site I got this ...
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Query OldValue/NewValue from CaseHistory via GraphQL

I try to query CaseHistory by CaseId via GraphQL. I get such errors for the fields OldValue and NewValue: Validation error of type FieldUndefined: Field 'NewValue' in type 'CaseHistory' is undefined @...
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graphQl issue: OR condition not working

I'm having an issue with an Or condition in my graphql statement. It returns all orders where the Order_Status__c field is 'Quote', but not 'Waitlisted'. There are no errors, just the additional ...
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External Data Source via GraphQL - what happens if there is a new field

If I have a GraphQL endpoint setup to be consumed by Salesforce as an External Data Source, will Salesforce detect changes to fields? For example, let's say my GraphQL endpoint published an object ...
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Creating HTTP Request with graphql Query

I've been trying to add a graphql Query in a httprequest that is sent out to an api that receives the query. I've tested the query within postman and was able to get the result. However when I try to ...
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GraphQL rate limit?

can anyone help me understand GraphQL rate limit how i can check in my org not able to understand below limit.
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GraphQL vs Composite Graph API in Salesforce

Recently salesforce has announced the GraphQL capabilities. Just wanted to understand the below differences w.r.t existing composite graph api. GraphQL - it can return any complex relatioship ...
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How to parse GraphQL response in apex class?

I am wondering if there are any options to directly parse response in GraphQL format just similar to parsing JSON in apex class? Does Salesforce APIs support parsing GraphQL response from an external ...
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