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Hard Time Understanding Goals In Journey Builder Despite Documentation

After going through the limited Salesforce Documentation, I am just getting a conflicted understanding regarding Journey Goals and am hoping anyone can help me clear that, or help me recreate a ...
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Tracking when a contact reaches a goal in Journey Builder

I'm attempting to track at what time a contact reaches my goal in Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. What I would like is to time stamp when a contact reaches a goal, and drop that either ...
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Editing Goals in SFMC Journeys

A client is requesting to change the goal of their in-place journey (it has been running for about 5 months). I've reviewed the documentation on this and have had no luck finding anything regarding ...
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Available Data Extensions in Goal Definition

When trying to define Criteria for Goal Definition in Journey Builder, the list of available Data Extensions in Contact Data doesn't show the Data Extension I use as Entry Source. Does anyone know the ...
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Journey Builder Question> Do Contacts who have aged-out of a Journey count towards the goal?

When looking at Journey Builder Goals... Does Journey Builder evaluate contacts who have exited / aged out ? or only contacts who are "in" the journey? My use case is to get customer to submit an ...
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Journey Goals based on email metrics

Is it possible to establish a Goal in a Journey based on the % of Open / Clicks / etc of an email within the journey? I see a Goal can be only set based on Contact Data, so I was thinking in create a ...
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Save goals per client in a Data Extension

It is possible create some sql query (or other way) to save each journey goal reached per client in a Data Extension? My hope was the Data Views Journey and Journey Activity but unfortunately the ...
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Compare Prospect email in Journey to Core data and record a Goal Conversion

I created a Journey and imported prospects to a DE to be injected into the Journey. I import customer data from our CRM everyday that includes all accounts. My "prospects" are customers that did ...
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When setting a Journey Builder Goal, what does "population" refer to?

In Journey Builder, when I want to set a goal for a journey, I can choose to target x "% of the population". The "term" population can be rather confusing though. For instance, there is also the ...
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Journey goal based on non-contact record in journey

We need to create a journey based on case records being created in Salesforce Service Cloud (Salesforce data event) where a certain case status is the trigger for the goal event (Cases are available ...
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Leads not 'meeting goal' when converted

I have a Journey that sends new Salesforce Leads emails in a sequence every two days, with the 'goal' being that the Leads will convert to Opportunities. I have about 110 Leads that have entered the ...
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Conversion Tracking in SFMC - can't find answers

There are several threads but very few answers to this. Does SFMC provide a simple js code to copy and paste on the landing page or 3rd party system like Tune in order to receive and report on ...
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Custom Message on Goals Page

I want to add custom message using Visualforce on goals page.I looked into documentation of but I don't see anything here. How to do this? I see goal pagelayout under set up but not ...
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