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GitLab pipeline template which includes pre & post destructive changes

I have read through the Q&A. There are links pointing to the GitLab YAML template here and this outdated blog where trailhead no longer there. The lack of documentation for this GitLab integration ...
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Is there a way via Visual Studio Code to deploy a branch to a Salesforce org?

Is there a command like "Deploy from SFDX branch to a Salesforce Org" ?
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Why has pipeline JWT auth started erroring with 'Value is not a JsonMap'?

The GitLab pipeline was running successfully until a few days ago. Nothing has been changed as far as we're aware, but it now fails on the authentication step with "We encountered a JSON web ...
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Gitlab pipeline: What sfdx command can I execute to do the same that Quickdeploy does in Salesforce Deployment Status Setup page?

I have a pipeline in Gitlab that the last step is only to push in production. But there's no need to execute all the tests again once the previous step/stage already did it. The previous command does ...
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GitLab still recommended for Salesforce

I try to get involved using GitLab in combination with Salesforce. However, the trailhead module 'Build an Automated CI/CD Pipeline with GitLab' seems to have been taken offline, and some other ...
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ERROR No subscriber package version found for package id 'XXX' while creating package in CI/CD

we have an unlocked package which we deploy via GitLab CI/CD. The deployment went well until we added the required --codecoverage to the gitlab-ci.yml, which we got from the official salesforce gitlab....
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Yaml variable to store result of sfdx command

Throughout execution yaml file for CI/CD process in GitLab I am using sfdx force:data:soql:query -q "SELECT id FROM UserRole where name='CER' " -t -u [email protected] to find proper id ...
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ERROR No subscriber package version found for package id '0Ho<ID>'

We're getting this issue all of a sudden in on-going CICD pipelines(Gitlab). It was working fine till date and suddenly this error is coming with each build trigger Error - ERROR No subscriber package ...
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