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LWC js controller getFieldValue() on parent field, I still get the whole record and have to reference the object and field again

Below is a portion of my LWC js controller. I'm trying to write a function to see if a field in a parent record of an Event record has a certain value. I'm baffled by what is returned by ...
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LWC Unable to Import Record Field Values

I am creating a Lightning Component for a Case Record page to display a banner. I want to import some of the Case fields so I can conditionally show and hide the banner. There are no actions to ...
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How can I get the field information by its name in static method?

I tried to write my code like this: public static string getPicklistValues(String fieldApi) { List<String> picklistValue = new List<String>(); Schema.DescribeFieldResult picklist = ...
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Using @wire and getFieldValue is returning undefined [closed]

import { LightningElement, wire, api, track } from 'lwc'; import { getRecord, getFieldValue } from 'lightning/uiRecordApi'; import getAcc from '@salesforce/apex/Controller.getAcc'; import F1 from '@...
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Get record field values from onchange lightning-input-field lookup input

I have a lightning-record-edit-form for Job__c with a lookup input to Labor_Category__c. Once a Labor_Category__c record is selected, I'd like to obtain the Labor_Category__r.Exempt__c value to then ...
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Null Data in my columns

With this code I don't get any value , I get the column with the name but their are no value , I don't now what is the mistake . Some help please . public with sharing class Action { @AuraEnabled(...
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Pass Lightning input iteration value by index of String array

I have a lightning component where I dynamically generate some columns and some input fields. I have a String Array as attribute. How do I get the index of the array to pass the value. I tried below ...
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Cannot use an Id retreived by getFieldValue into @wire getRecord

I have an Account lookup field which gets Account ID, and need to get its Account Name on field change. (This is a Home tab component using Opportunity Form) HTML (lightning-record-edit-form; object-...
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LWC Dual Listbox field failing to populate values when using getFieldValue

I'm struggling to obtain the values that are part of the Selected list on a lightning-dual-box field. This is the field: <lightning-dual-listbox name="Mass_Payments__c" ...
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